Online gambling in New Zealand has long been a confusing and sometimes downright illegal affair. This is due to unclear regulation and legislation around the industry that has forced the New Zealand players to play Roulette at a less-than-desirable selection of casino operators. These casino operators have also sometimes employed unscrupulous tactics to tie the player into his casino with things like unfair wagering requirements, rigged random number generators and restrictive withdrawal processes. This is all standing to change with a new breed of legal, licensed European casinos poised to take New Zealand gambling by storm. For a review site that compares these new casinos taking NZ$-based bets and their Roulette varieties, see here { }

These new casino operators are set to turn the gambling status quo is New Zealand upside down. They will be able to cater directly to the Kiwi player and take bets and offer payouts and withdrawals in NZ$. They partner with only the best in legal casino game developers to offer New Zealand players the full variety of casino games, starting from the best and most innovative pokies through to the full range of table games such as Roulette and Craps. The latest in internet steaming technology has also allowed for the introduction of Live Dealer casinos where these table games can be enjoyed with real person dealers. All this offered by regulated and fair online casinos.

The history of Roulette

The concept of the Roulette wheel is said to have been discovered by mistake when a Frenchman, Blaise Pascal, was tying to invent a perpetual motion machine. This wheel, combined with the mechanics of the Italian game, Biribi, was said to have evolved into the modern version of Roulette and its various formats we know today. The variants of Roulette was traditionally confined to the regions where they were popularised, like the double-0 American Roulette. With the advent of the Internet, these boundaries were broken down and players can simply log in and play the Roulette variant of their choice. Other technological advances like online chat allowed for players to maintain contact with the dealers, closely emulating the real-world casino environment.

How to beat online Roulette Tables

As the Roulette odds at any casino are typically high, it is best of the novice player to approach the game with a basic Roulette strategy. The first step is to play the European version of the game. This means that, compared to the American version, there is one zero less which increased the players odds for payouts. Secondly, be sure to focus on the Outside bet options, which cover more numbers and have higher odds of hitting. A table with a small minimum limit is a good place to start. Then a formal Roulette strategy like the Martingale strategy can be employed. A another good idea is to practise by using a free Roulette simulator.


How to play with a Strategy

The Martingale strategy is recommended to novice Roulette players to practice via free play. Start by placing a small NZ$1.00 Outside bet, such as on black or red, odds or evens or one of the column bets. These options offer the lowest odds but also the lowest risk. If you win, keep your winnings and bet the same NZ$1.00 amount again. If you lose, double your original bet to NZ$2.00 and again until you win, then go back to your original NZ1.00 bet. If you lose again, re-double your bet and so on. Repeat this until the table's max bet is reached. AS you get more au fait, you can try other strategies like the D’Alembert Strategy or the Fibonacci Roulette Strategy.

Playing online Roulette in New Zealand

After years of online gambling isolation and bad regulation of the online casinos industry, New Zealand Roulette players can now finally start enjoying their favourite game legally and with confidence. This takes a whole load off the player as he can now enjoy the game as it was meant to without worrying about his funds. Player are however encouraged to brush up on their basic Roulette rules and where possible, to play the game for free at first to gauge the legality of the casino they want to play at. Employing a Roulette strategy and odds charts will help the player lower the house edge against him. New Zealand players can look forward to many hours of fair Roulette entertainment.